Race Packages 2024, Have you Purchased yet?

Where is everyone? Race Packages Im sorry to report, are VERY Slow! This brings me to the question, DO YOU WANT ROAD RACING TO CONTINUE? Seriously, Anyone who is in business will understand, why Race Packages are so important to the club! So PLEASE, PLEASE, Get your RACE PACKAGES Ordered ASAP, Let the club see that you DO want to see the 2024 Cookstown 100 go ahead! Remember, the Cookstown 100 is the Oldest Club still running Road Races, AND were the ONLY Club to run a road race in the year of Covid!! Thank You for your support, Please get those Race Packages ordered ASAP, via PayPal; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. £25.00 per person

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