CEMCOR is proud to sponsor the 2023 Cookstown 100

Another exciting new CDE Group Cookstown 100 sponsor is a local company'Cemcor.' Cemcor is the new brand name, which replaces Lafarge Cement Works. 'Cemcor' are a branch of Lissan Coal Company (L.C.C.) CEMCOR is proud to sponsor the 2023 Cookstown 100 Established in 1968, ‘The Cement Works’, as it is locally referred to, has been producing world-famous products for over 50 years. The Cookstown plant was acquired by Cookstown Cement in January 2022 and rebranded to CEMCOR on 1st November 2022. The two local shareholders for CEMCOR are LCC Group and Managing Director David Millar, who has 39 years of experience in the cement and construction industries. Following the substantial investment, CEMCOR has already begun to grow in stature with a fleet of new branded bulk cement tanker and curtain sider vehicles on the roads in addition to an increase in full-time staff. The company now owns a cement plant with a production capacity in excess of 450,000 tonnes in Cookstown, a limestone quarry also in Cookstown, a shale quarry in Dungannon and an import/export facility in Belfast Harbour. In line with the new owners’ long-term investment plans, facilities around the various sites are undergoing significant improvement and renovation work to upgrade its environmental capabilities and processes as well as improve overall efficiency. Commenting on the rebrand and investment announcement, CEMCOR Managing Director David Millar said: “Since acquiring the business in January 2022, it has gone from strength to strength. There is a strong foundation and solid team around CEMCOR, which is beginning to see the benefits of the increased investment.” “We have a long-term plan for the company with a huge focus on sustainability and our processes. The investments to the plant will help lower the CO2 footprint and ensure its longevity as the construction industry continues to evolve.” Looking to the future, CEMCOR, as an independent company, has many opportunities in which it can take advantage and innovate. With the committed investment from the new owners and clear objectives, it will continue on its successful trajectory, growing further and cementing its position as an industry leader. With regards to the Cookstown 100, Mr Millar stated: “We are delighted to be sponsoring the Cookstown 100, a key fixture in the road racing calendar. The plant has been a sponsor of this event for many years, and we hope to support the event for years to come. We wish all the Cookstown 100 riders, organisers and spectators a safe and successful day.”


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