Green light for Racing in N Ireland 2023

Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Ltd Official Statement 15th March 2023 As most of you will be aware all Tarmac motorcycle racing was cancelled in early February 2023 due to a significant increase to the annual insurance premium. Following the initial decision and listening to the feedback of the racing community a ‘Crowd Fund me’ was set up so racing fans could do their bit to help out. Although we know that it was a big ask, we are overwhelmed at the generosity of all who contributed. Combined with this total figure now raised, and the determination by MCUI UC member Mr Steven Lyons, who has worked around the clock with our insurers to find a solution, we are now pleased to be able to announce a new insurance quote has been secured, which makes it possible for all clubs to promote their events in 2023. The objective of the crowd funding was that enough funds would be raised so that all clubs would have the option to promote their events. The figure currently raised combined with the new insurance quote has now made this possible. Thanks to all the efforts of those concerned, the MCUI-UC, promoting clubs and members are extremely grateful and humbled by everyone’s generosity. As Chairman of the MCUI UC I pass on sincere thanks on behalf of all promoting clubs to every single person who donated to the crowd funding initiative. With the start of our racing season now just around the corner, I would ask that the racing community continues to support our events and make 2023 one to remember. Yours in Sport John Dillon John Dillon MCUI Chairman

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