Cookstown Club Statement*

Cookstown Club Statement* After being inundated with PMs & messages,the Cookstown Club can confirm that it is very much their intention to continue and prepare for the 101st running of the Cookstown 100 on the 21st & 22nd of April 2023. Whilst it is public knowledge and the insurance quote which was received by the MCUI UC has raised concerns for organising clubs, we are hopeful that other quotes which are waiting to be issued may contain a more reasonable option to the MCUI UC,so we will continue to correspond with them over the next week or two. Cookstown club are also currently behind the scenes preparing documents and preparing various options of the organisation of the event in regards to liabilities etc for presentation as a possible alternative option to be submitted to various insurance brokers,to maximize the possibility of gaining a viable quote so the event can take place,should they need to take this direction in the next few weeks.. We continue to ask for the support of spectators and competitors by getting packages asap and returning their entry's asap (all of which is fully refunded should event not take place),as we need to know any option offered to us, would be viable and sustainable to the Cookstown Club, before any commitment by us as a club is undertaken in regards to purchasing an expensive Insurance policy. As the past few years has proven,if anyone will fight to keep the sport alive,it will most certainly be individuals within the Cookstown Club and we will keep going even up to the final few hours of the event again this year!! Any further updates,we will issue at the earliest opportunity, but currently, the Cookstown 100 is most certainly still running from the organising Clubs point of view. We ask that the public only rely on official statements issued by the Cookstown club and avoid speculation or rumours from others who have nothing whatsoever to do with the organising Club. CDMCC Chairman

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