Deadline March 18th.

Deadline March 18th. Spectator packages for the 2022 KDM Hire Cookstown 100 will CLOSE on Friday 18th March. This is to enable the club to get final numbers for programme printing and time for postage etc. We would remind all those wishing to attend that the event is running as a "closed event to the general public" and you CAN NOT just turn up on the day. There will be strict security checks before gaining access to the circuit area, of which relevant items must be produced at security checks to gain entry to the race areas. To avoid disappointment online booking will remain open to the 18th March. You will NOT be able to book or make a purchase after this date. To book packages please book via PayPal, by making payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please use the’ Friend & Family’ option and be sure to leave your postal address and details in the notes section. All packages cost £25 These can also be purchased at various outlets listed on postings on the official Cookstown 100 page. For 2022, there will be no restrictions around the circuit apart from limited paddock access, limited movement throughout the event, with only movement max of 3 times throughout the day (if time allows) & instructions received from land and homeowners. The ‘ pre booked’ system has been introduced to limit the risk to organisers in regards to finance, claims, public safety and make the event more manageable & organised for both club, PSNI and other outside bodies which are involved in the successful running of the event. While some may disagree with the pre-booked system now in place at Cookstown and other events scheduled to take place, this is the only way to secure the Future of Road Racing. To those who disagree with the system, perhaps if they would take some time to understand what goes on for 12 months of the year for organising such events, along with the financial outlay involved, then the "maybe turn up on the day or maybe not" attitude would be given a second thought! Unfortunately, costs have risen significantly in recent years, throughout years, and clubs cannot solely depend on people showing up on the day. This is worth thinking about, with regards to the future of the sport! When it's gone, It will be too late!


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