Wynne returning

Absent from last year's KDM Hire Cookstown 100, Bristols Shaun Wynne is aiming to be on the grid for what will be the 100th Anniversary of the Cookstown 100 road races next April. For Wynne, a freak crash at an event at Castle Coombe last year, saw the Bristol company director suffer a serious arm injury. Here Shaun takes up the story; “ It was during the 600 race, and I was having a great scrap with my buddy Paul ‘Potchy’ Williams, we were coming on slower riders, and I, unfortunately, made the mistake of going the wrong way past, ended up crashing into the recital bales on the Armco barriers, and, when I saw my arm, I knew there was something not right! My shoulder/arm was barely hanging on, just by my skin! My arm had become detached from my shoulder, and twisted around, damaging all ligaments, tendons, bicep muscles of the shoulder joint! Thankfully the morphine eased the pain which was just unexplainable! It was a couple of months before Dr. Ian Packham was able to carry out a 4-hour operation, where he reconstructed his shoulder and muscle tissues etc. With little sleep and arm in a sling, for 10 weeks, I'm now receiving physio from the Bristol Bears Rugby team Physio. My Physio, an American lassie, loves to see men cry! but she has done an amazing job, and will continue to do for the next few months.” Last week, Shaun paid a flying visit to meet up with his friends, the Wylie family at the Bikers Rest outside Magherafelt, and also took the opportunity to meet up with his Classic bike sponsors, George, and Doris Leonard. Shaun will pilot the Leonard 350 Honda at next year's KDM Hire Cookstown 100. Big thanks to George Leonard & Mum for letting me help keep the History of this great bike going Tiddles, I rode her at Armoy and she was a wee 250 and now with great help from Fundraising and friends like Leonard Rainman Mcilwaine they have now rebuilt Tiddle back to a 350 and have given me the chance again to take her back on the roads in 2022 Shaun will also race his SWR Yamaha R6 in Senior support races, my Kawasaki ZXR400 in 4oo class, I love racing over here I feel so at home and welcome in. all paddocks, I’m lucky you all don’t mind me Sticker Bombing circuits, riders vans, etc. I’ve won cups on my track racing with NG Road racing & Podiums with No Limits racing and won National races at Castle Coombe back in the days over last 20 years, but the one I received from the Cookstown 100 race when I got a 2nd place in the 2020 lightweight race, was so special to me, I never expected to get a trophy and to be honest don’t go looking for it, I just ride my bikes and try and respect fellow racers especially of roads & between the hedges racing,I can't wait and look forward to being back over for the special Anniversary Cookstown 100 race meeting in April, with Team Tiddles & SMWRacing joining forces & if Covid lets you all back in our paddocks,you are more than welcome to come and see us and say hello, our awning is always a welcome place”

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