Popular RJ, Looking for that elusive win

One of the most populars guys in the paddock, is RJ Woolsley, A character in his own right, and well known for his performances on stage with his own band!. It was back in 2013 when RJ made his Cookstown debut, finishing 13th in the junior classic race, However the following year, RJ took the win in the 35000 classic race, helped by the fact that Adrian Elwood failed to stop for a Black Flag, nevertheless, a win is a win! In that race, RJ finished second overall to the flying Kevin Strowger on his 250 Suzuki. Woolsley has had quite a few podiums here at Cookstown, and won B race, but, it is his dream to take an outright win, and judging by his performances at Armmmoy, in the Supersport 300 class, where, he along with Barry Davison and Linton Irwin, provided the crowds with a Thrilling three-way scrap, which went to the flag, in favour of BBBarry, however, RJ had the consolation of setting the fastest lap!. Last year a blown engine in the junior support, when lying third on corrected time, broke the Portadown man's heart!, like most of us, we can all dddream, about winning, but at the same time, we can make it happen, and sooner or later, RJ intends making sure it happens!¬. Admitting to loving paddock life, and a few beers, RJ has sworn to stay away from the devil's buttermilk, to stay focused for this weekends event, so keep an eye out for #5 in the Classic, and Junior Support and Junior Supersport 300 races!. Before leaving, RJ, Wanted to Thank the Cookstown MCC, for their efforts in 2021, to bring a road race to fruition, there were many against it, But Road racers wanted it, and the club delivered! When others were painting sheds, converting barns into bars, the Cookstown club was flat out to ensure we got a road race! the club bend over backwards to help everyone, and do not get the credit they deserve! The ever affable Woolsley has promised, if ever he wins a road race outright, expect a party in Ahorey ( same area where one Philip McccCallen was reared), and traffic jams for miles around! with Covid 19 restrictions in place of course!!! Enjoy the weekend, and don’t forget to watch out for # 5

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