** An Official Statement from Cookstown & District Motorcycle Club (RR) Ltd. **

** An Official Statement from Cookstown & District Motorcycle Club (RR) Ltd. ** It has been claimed and implied on various social media pages, that Cookstown & District motorcycle club and some of its members who represented the club within the MCUI UC were in a group of which intended to try and "take over" the running of the MCUI UC. The club would like to clarify that this was indeed an untrue and profoundly incorrect statement that was made against the club, to which we will not stand by and let our club's name be dragged through the mud. As of Wednesday, in fact, two of its members which represented the club within the MCUI UC have decided to leave the Ulster Centre, this is due to the fact that the Ulster Centre currently have a lot of irregularities occurring and the conduct of which business within the MCUI UC is being carried out does not comply with many laws and regulations set out in various legislation. The club would like to state, as a matter of fact, those who attended the MCUI UC on behalf of the club, did so in the sole purpose of working for both competitors and fellow clubs in putting their views across to benefit competitors and improve events for both riders and clubs, whilst trying to ensure costs for both did not spiral out of control and indeed tried many times to seek cost cuts especially for competitors on many occasions, of which was an unpopular opinion on many occasions by those in charge of our sport currently. Our only reason for attending meetings within the MCUI was to keep things from being pushed onto both clubs and competitors by sly means of some within our sport. If this gives the impression to some that Cookstown or its members wish to take over the UC, well we do not apologise for looking out for our sport or its competitors of which make it happen in the first place, nor does it mean we ever wished to take over the UC, far from it as if things were in capable hands, rather than those who have come in, running it recently, we would rather not have been near the UC at all. We have tried our best to put our points across, as we just want to run our event without hurdles being put in place by our own governing body(which is there to help and promote the sport) and see other events succeed also, whilst making it as affordable for clubs and our competitors as possible and also look out for our sport, so if anyone feels our members have done wrong by this or this was a bid to take over the UC, then we at the club do not have any defence. However, should the Cookstown clubs name continue to be discredited or any further defamation of character against its members continue, the club will have no option other than to seek legal advice and take the matter further. In closing, it is a very sad day for the sport for any club or members to have to write such a post. All we ever wish for is to run events as we have done for many many years and to make it as cheap and affordable for competitors and clubs to organise and compete in. Why others now involved at MCUI level make it so difficult or do not wish to look at the bigger picture to keep our heritage going as long as possible,or feel the need to force good people out of the sport is quite astonishing. Yours in sport John Dillon CDMCC Chairman.

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