Dream come true for Rudi

Dream come true for Rudi For someone who loves motorcycles and resides in Ballymoney, can mean only one thing;! Road Racing!. Ballymoney, hometown to the infamous Dunlop s along with others is a real road race diehard part of the country and it comes as no surprise that 37-year-old Rudi Paul will make his road race debut at the forthcoming KDM Hire Cookstown 100. With two seasons under his belt at short circuits, Rudi will a 600 ZX6 Kawasaki for his between the hedges debut. Its been a life long dream to do road racing explains Rudi, and I'm really looking forward to achieving that goal! Big shout to my main sponsors; Parker Car Transport and S Lamont Contracts & Groundwork. here is STRICTLY only ONE point of access and that is the main Orittor Road from Cookstown, DO NOT try to gain access from any other way in as the PSNI WILL divert you to the only access point to the event, so save yourself the time and prepare to come to the event via Orittor Road. ALL Spectators must be in their designated areas by 11 am on Friday and 930 am on Saturday!! The organising club is under strict rules and regulations to allow you at the event, so everyone must follow the guidelines and instructions set out by relevant authorities, the PSNI will remove anyone from the event not following these guidelines. We all may not be overly happy with these restrictions in place and guidelines which must be followed, but from meetings held, it is clear that this meeting will set the practices to allow further events to take place in 2021, so we all must follow these instructions closely for the good of the sport!! Please follow all instructions from officials of the event, PSNI, security staff and marshals, it is extremely important to do so. Finally, we encourage you all to download the NI Track and Trace App prior to the event. Follow all social distancing guidelines in place and adhere to all hand hygiene guidelines while attending the event. KDM Hire Cookstown 100 will take place on Friday and Saturday 11th/12th


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