Sacrifices will have to be made!

*Rider/Team information * As the Cookstown club continues to prepare and plan for our event in September, we have been working with various organisations seeking advice information and receiving instructions of what is required to be in place, should our event run if the circumstances at that period allow it. On taking this advice and indeed instructions, the club must abide by various requirements which have been set out, in line to be granted approval for the event to take place. Some of the instructions and requirements laid out which relate to riders and teams for the Cookstown event are as follows.. 1. Only one vehicle in paddock per rider or team (no exceptions), vehicle pass must be presented with vehicle registration and team details on arrival to gain access to the paddock. 2. Limited riders at the event, to allow social distancing regulations to be followed in paddock area to which teams must be adequately spaced. 3. Each team will be strictly be allowed:- one rider +two other personnel in the paddock within their area at any one time. Two rider teams will only be allowed:- two riders + four personnel within their area at anyone time. 4. Any personnel must show pass to gain access to the paddock area. 5. Only one other person's allowed on the grid with rider and bike. 6. Only one person's from team allowed in the signaling area per race. As this is different times to be trying to put an event on, we ask riders to work and follow these guidelines set out to us at the club. The paddock will be controlled and secured by an outside 24-hour event security firm, so the above measures will be strictly enforced. The paddock will also be shut to any member of the public throughout the event, so it will strictly be pass access only. Please note that any rider or team not following these guidelines may be asked to leave the event, as these are decisions and instructions which are above the clubs control for 2020 event. Further information will be given at a later stage in regards to signing on and scrutineering etc. Regards John CDMCC

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