Snippets from the 2000 Royal Hotel Cookstown 100

Snippets from the 2000 Royal Hotel Cookstown 100 Joey Dunlop, quoted after the senior race, reflecting his first-ever disqualification “ Crazy rule, You can fall off at a short circuit, and at an international road race, and get back on again! Stupid, should be one rule for all!, They probably have another rule at Tandragee!, Id love to know who makes up these rules” George Jeffers had his first outing of the season on his new R1, Unfortunately, he crashed out at Gortin Corner during practice and did not race, due to machine damage. Jack sands was honoured by the Cookstown and District MCC for taking part in his 30th Cookstown 100, but for Jack, he had no luck in the race, crashing out of the Superkings race on lap 2. Amongst the fallers were Ian Blair ( Jun Supp),Rikki McCready ( Superkings) & Dean Cooper (L&B) The SP1 Honda, that Joey rode, was the bike as normally campaigned by James Toseland in the British Supercup Championships. The Organizing Club issued a statement after racing, in which they said “ That they were NOT in agreement with the No Remounting rule, that saw Joey Dunlop being disqualified for the first-ever time in his career. The club was also unhappy with the seeding of riders, and pointed out, that they were NOT responsible for the grid positions on the day. Photo Credit; Stephen Davison Pacemaker Press

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