Forest ready to race at KDM Hire Cookstown 100

Over the years , Motor cycle racing has witnessed many great characters, but the trend seems to have filtered away in recent years, maybe riders take things more serious now, however, one fella, who is without doubt a character in his own right, is English rider, now based in NI, Forest Dunn. Forest has created his own following by his unique attitude to the sport. Scraping at the bottom of the barrel to get on the track is what we call a dedicated rider. Working at various jobs so to gather enough funds to compete between the hedge is simply an incurable addiction that affects many! Now entering his 6th season of racing, the 31 year old, who began racing at Snetterton on a ZX10 Kawasaki, finishing in 20th place, Two years later, he was on the grid for the NW200, where in the Superstock race he finished a commendable 20th. This will be Forests third KDM Hire Cookstown 100, ,where he will ride his own GSXR 1000 Suzuki and 600 Honda. Dunn admits to not having much success on the national road scene, but reflecting on last years Classic TT, It must be noted that he finished a very respectable 7th in the Classic Superbike TT! And a fine 9th in the Superbike race at the Ulster Grand Prix would appear to be overlooked by many. So what does the KDM Hire Cookstown 100 mean to the hungry racer? “The great attraction of Cookstown is, its made of tarmac and has jumps and you can race there Seriously, Im looking to push things forward a bit this year we have the track knowledge we have great bikes great sponsors and we are the most organised we have ever been in my race career Im already beating my personal best lap times in testing so Im expecting much of the same for the rest of the season!”

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