2015 Race Sponsors; 400supersport

Motor cycle racing is a very expensive sport, and the running costs of this years KDM Hire Cookstown 100, will probably be over 100k plus! Unfortunately, to the ordinary spectator, they dont fully understand the running costs of the event, and without the Race Sponsors, the chances are, there wouldnt be a Cookstown 100. Over the next few pages,you can read about the various Race sponsors, their trade, and maybe sometime, give them some support in return for helping the running of the Cookstown 100

400 Supersport,sponsored by Hayes Fuels; and Harold Henry.


Hayes Fuels, a family owned business, is one of Irelands leading coal importers and oil distributors. Established in 1988 Hayes Fuels has gone from strength to strength to become a major player in the fuel industry. Our success has been due largely to our commitment of quality products backed up by excellent customer service.

Hayes Fuels is still a young dynamic company that is always striving to expand, whether it be in supply, sourcing new products or in developing our wholesale/retail network throughout Ireland.

Hayes Fuels have built up a strong customer base, we currently supply major supermarkets, co-operatives, coal merchants, oil distributors and garage forecourts.



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