Youth Development Team for KDM Cookstown 100

Youth Development Team for KDM Cookstown 100

Almost eight years ago, 38 year old mountain guide, Ian Pert started up a Youth Development programme, he called it Hedzup Ltd,  and Its aim was to help young people from the ages between 12 and 21, to benefit from real life experiences!.

This weekend, at the KDM Cookstown 100, HEDZUP have entered a race team, and are making their Irish road race debut!   This a story, a very interesting story, not your everyday motor cycle racing article!


Hedzup Racing is part of  Hedzup Ltd, a non profiting company and a registered charity specialising in Youth Development using adventure and real life experiences.

One of the projects where the youths involved are given the chance to benefit from these real life experiences is through the running of a Motorcycle Racing team that participates in various races in Scotland,  mostly at East fortune near Edinburgh, along with  The Manx Grand Prix and the Classic TT.

Widening their scope this year, Hedzup Racing are venturing across the Irish sea, to contest a couple of Road races, beginning with the KDM Cookstown 100!

This year , Hedzup Racing  also intend entering other events as they have more youths becoming involved, and need a major event for each group of youths to aim for, which keeps them all busy, as our bikes are certainly “bargain basement” with the GPZ600s that we use in the classic TT having cost us no more than £300 each to buy!

Cheap bikes, along with minimum amounts spent on preparation, proves , that competitors can go racing on a shoestring budget!

It would be fair to say, Team Hedzups machinery wouldn’t be the most valuable in the race paddock,  but the riders have  shown 100% commitment to returning the effort put in by these enthuastic Youths,  and in the last 3 years their riders have won over 50 races, 5 championships and a fantastic 3rd place in the 2013 Newcomers Manx GP with Derek Wilson , who will ride the teams GSXr 600 suzuki  at the KDM Cookstown 100 and Tandragee road races.

Team Hedzup are hopeful of also being involved in other events in Ireland as well as the Endurance race at Jurby on the Isle of Man .They currently have 3 regular riders for the team; Ian Pert from Edzell in Angus, Derek Wilson from Edinburgh and Colin MacDougall from Blair Atholl.

Not one to rest on their laurels, Team Hedzup  are also to be helping a young rider in his first season on an Aprilia 125 who has been a member of Hedzup for around a year , they are  also assisting  a young lady from the Borders as she starts racing on an SV 650 Mini Twin.

And if the aforementioned isn’t enough, Hedzup Racing  will also have an all girls team again for the Jurby endurance race  in the Isle of Man when they say, an all girls team, that means; Mechanics and riders, are all Female!, with Ali Foster, Tracy Upcraft and Emily Coglan.

To help with their promotion, and raising some much needed funds, Team Hedzup Racing  will have a stand at the Scottish Motorcycle Show at Ingliston in March along with other shows and Bike night events throughout the year.

As well as the groups from schools and youth projects in Angus, Dundee and Perth, Hedzup is hoping to start working in other areas including the Isle of Man, where G4S are behind a plan to work along with us in starting the Hedzup project on the Island.

As you can understand this involves a lot of costs and at the moment the project receives NO funding from Government or Lottery etc, relying solely on sponsorship and any payments from schools, councils etc for working with the groups, which does not get used for participating in the race events.

At these events the youths work as pit crew for the riders as well as some of the youths assisting in the race meetings by working as marshals alongside the existing Marshalling teams .When the team compete in the Manx Grand Prix and Classic TT , they take 9 or 10 youths with them,

Who are Team Hedzup?

Ben Robertson, Nora Chalmers( a member of Forfar Academy school staff and Hedzup charity director) ,Russ Henley(former Manx  Grand Prix winner), Ron Wilkie, Melvyn Lynch(Forfar Academy Rector and Hedzup charity director) , when at IOM, they stay on the Island for a week, with the trip costing the youths only a fraction of the real cost as a lot of the team are from backgrounds that do not have much money to spare for holidays or experiences like this!

Not all the youths cause problems in the community, around 50% are mainstream youths that just want to be part of the team. This is one of the many things that sets their project apart from others, as Team Hedzup are open to all, not just those that they are asked to work with to help them.

Hedzup Racing  currently work with Schools and groups of youths in the 16+ bracket, usually unemployed and needing direction as well as the chance to prove themselves both for employment and college. Through being part of Hedzup the youths get the opportunity to engage in positive real life experiences and work with positive role models who help to encourage them away from possible damaging and life changing poor choices and encouraged to enter college programmes and possible work opportunities

No fancy motorhomes for these guys!, they  operate from their team lorry, an ageing 7.5 ton lorry, modified to provide workspace and accommodation, used both as race transporter , pits,  and  as a portable classroom and workshop!

they run their project at Fire stations in several areas.

Hedzup Racing  are the only project of this type in Britain, and possibly the world! and are hopeful of  some TV exposure  from their road racing activities .

Ian Pert, founder of this unique project, is now a director of the outfit, it is also his fulltime job, and is aiming to build an outdoor centre along with the motor cycle stuff, the Outdoor centre is, so that the kids, who don’t get a holiday, can get a few days away in the outdoors park!.

Programme of Events ‘Cookstown 100’ 2015

Thursday 9th April

Liaison Night

Royal Hotel 7.30pm

Saturday 18th Treasure Hunt and BBQ

Sign on Burn Road Car Park from 6.00pm

Sunday 19th April

Annual Bikers Service

Orritor Presbyterian Church 3.30pm

Tuesday 21st April

Vintage Vehicle Run

Union Street Car Park from 6.30pm leaving at 7.30pm

Thursday 23rd April

Classic Bike Run

Sign on from 6.30pm in Burn Road Car Park leaving 7.15pm

Friday 24th April

Practice Day

Roads Close 12 noon

Saturday 25th April

Race Day


Roads Close 10.00am

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