Cookstown 100 song on DVD

Richard Finlay,45 year old Horticulture worker from Portadown, has always been interested in Country and Western music, and Its comes as no surprise, that Richard now travels across the province, playing at various functions etc. He has been writing songs for almost seven years now, with over 50 of his own songs now penned/recorded!

A few weeks ago, his talent was acknowledged by  the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers( Part of the PRS and MCPS) In publishing Song writing and music material! Of which he is now a member!

This week, ( April 2nd),   Richard will be releasing a song, written by himself,  simply entitled “ The Cookstown 100”, and its release, will coincide with the KDM Cookstown 100 Press Launch,( Royal Hotel, Coagh St, Cookstown, Everyone welcome).

This song, which is in DVD format, is part of a new DVD which Richard will be releasing later in the year.

Richard is giving the Cookstown and District MCC a number of DVDs for their own use. So, if you are a Country and Western fan, and a road race fan, then this DVD is a must buy!

The song,is an uptempo and lively song, which Richard penned four year ago.

The Cookstown 100 was always a race which had a special place in Richard heart, having had an interest in bikes of all kinds since he was a young lad.

“ I always attended the Cookstown 100 races, and have marshalled at  Mackney corner for some years, but in recent years, due to gigs, I haven’t been able to take in the whole days racing!.

I stood in the field, across from the Braeside ,on my own, in deep thought, whilst everyone was watching the race, my thoughts were on the wording of the song! I wrote it down, twenty minutes later, the race was run, and I had my song worded!

I tidied up the lyrics, and recorded it! The following year ,I was back at the same spot, I took the time to go over the song as a race was being run, just to satisfy myself, that I was happy with my finished product!.

It has been an honour for me to do this for the Cookstown Motor Cycle club, and means a lot to me, it is also a privilege to do a DVD and bring an original song of my own to life, especially for a sport, where all religions are involved.”

You can view a small clip of the song here ;

Richard would like to say a Big Thank You to the Members of the Cookstown and District Motor Cycle Club, for their permission to produce this song, to Tony Wedlock ( Behind the Bubble) for the on board action, Norman Bell and Baylon McCaughey ( for photographs.

For further info, Contact Richard on 07516759402



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