Age proves no Barrier for Andy


You are never too late to start racing, as Andy Gray has proved. Admitting to been a late starter, Andy was a youthful 53 years of age when he took to the track, and like any other young budding racer, he was bitten by the bug.


He began racing with the NG Racing club, and two years later in 2008 preceeded to win the 700 Streetstock class championship on his R6 yamaha


The IT worker then took a couple of years out to build his house, before returning to the track again


  Like all road race enthuasists, Andy then went to watch the TT for the first time in 2015 and realised he still wanted to race, only this time on Real Roads Racing rather than short circuit racing!


Gray  started racing again in 2016, after a break of 7 years. Having bought a 2009 Kawasaki ZX6R to get started again, racing twice at Olivers Mount, at Aberdare Park, Oulton Park, Donington Park and Anglesey in 2016. 


 Amazingly, he found that he was much quicker than he was when he raced 8 years previous! admitting to crashing a few times first, but it showed he was still trying and willing to push.  


Having had a great 2016, at a youthful age of 45, Andy mow admits he is just in it for the fun these days, but fun comes from doing well and enjoying a good dice with the other lads and lasses out there.


Ive heard so much about the KDM Hire Cookstown 100, and the Irish road race scene, I feel, its another box I need to tick! I also hope to take in the 4 Scarborough meetings and the Manx Grand Prix.






Andy will ride his ZX6R at  KDM Hire Cookstown 100,  and his  only sponsor is RS Autos Yorkshire Ltd.


Programme of Events KDM Hire ‘Cookstown 100’ 2017




Thursday 6th April


Press Launch


Royal Hotel from 7.30pm




Thursday 13th April


Liaison Night


Royal Hotel 7.30pm






Sunday 23rd April


Annual Bikers Service


Orritor Presbyterian Church 3.30pm






Thursday 27th April


Classic Bike Run


Sign on from 6.30pm in Burn Road Car Park leaving 7.15pm






Friday 28th April


Practice Day


Roads Close 12 noon




Saturday 29th April


Race Day


Roads Close 10. 00am


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